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How do you purchase tickets? 

We encourage you to buy tickets online and in advance. This will speed up entry lines and minimize touch points.

Do you accept cash?  

Yes, however we encourage buying tickets online and in advance.

What are ticket prices?   

Adults $10.00

Child (3-12, 6+ for R) $7.00

Senior (60+) $8.00

Student $8.00

What is the capacity? Are you limiting attendance? 

Capacity is limited to 120 cars. 

How should I park at the Pop-Up Drive-In?   

Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you're going to have your tailgate open please park in the back as we don't want to block views.  

How do we hear the movie?   

At Celebration North tune your car radio to: 101.9FM. At Celebration Lansing tune to: 102.3FM. This system will not work on cell phones. 

Will the concession stands be open?  

Yes! MDHHS requires individuals who are not fully vaccinated to continue wearing a facial covering while inside, and send one person to order and collect food on behalf of their group. 

Can I use my refillable bucket?  

Buckets purchased before November 27th have expired. New buckets are on sale now and can be refilled until October 1st!

Are the restrooms open?  

Yes, our restrooms will be available.

Can we sit outside the car? 

Yes! You may bring lawn chairs to sit on if you do not plan on sitting inside your vehicle. Please keep your chairs at least six feet away from other groups of guests. 

Can I use my C Rewards account?  

You will receive points for future purchases that can be used at any of our cinema locations. 

What time do movies start?  

Movie start times can vary a bit depending on sunset, weather, and amount of cars in line. Generally they start 10-20 minutes after the time listed on your booking email. We recommend coming early to get a good spot.    

Do you play movies in the rain?   

We are here rain or shine!    

Are pets allowed? 

Yes! Please make sure they are on a leash and picked up after. 

Can I bring alcohol?   

Save the drinks for at home. Alcohol is not permitted at the Pop-Up Drive-In.   

What do I do if my car battery dies?   

Pop open your hood and contact guest services by visiting the concession stand or box office.   

When is the movie lineup posted?   

Movies are posted on Tuesday for the following week on our website and Facebook page.   

Can I bring my RV to the Pop-Up Drive-In?   

RVs are welcome! Please be courteous to other guests and park near the back.   

Do you sell bug spray?   

No, we do not. We encourage you to bring your items of choice.   

Can I smoke or vape at the Pop-Up Drive-In?   

Please avoid smoking or vaping near the building, or where it will affect the experience of others.   

Can I leave and come back?   

There is a no re-admittance policy. You will be required to repay for your vehicle if you exit the Pop-Up Drive-In and return. Please come prepared for your evening when you pay for your tickets.   

Does the Pop-Up Drive-In accommodate large or oversized vehicles?  

If you have an oversized or tall vehicle, you may be asked to park further back so those will lower cars can view the screen. 

Do I need to wear a face covering/mask? 

If you are fully vaccinated, facial coverings are optional. MDHHS requires individuals who are not fully vaccinated to continue wearing a facial covering while moving around and not in your designated area.

Can I bring outside food? 

No, we're not allowing outside food.